Tom Adams

  • The Nonprofit Leadership Transition and Development Guide In this dynamic resource, Tom Adams (an expert in succession planning who has worked with hundreds of organizations) shows how intentional leadership development and properly managed leadership transitions provide nonprofits with the rare opportunity to change direction, maintain momentum, and strengthen their capacity. This accessible guidebook is filled with illustrative stories, instructive lessons, best practices, and practical tools that can be used to ensure a successful nonprofit leadership transition. "It is terrific to have a book which so effectively addresses the unique challenges and opportunities of leadership in the nonprofit sector, replete with sound advice and concrete examples. Tom Adams brings a wealth of experience and savvy to the topic. Paid and volunteer leaders of nonprofits at all levels will benefit from reading it."-Irv Katz, president and CEO, National Human Services Assembly "The guide is one of its kind in providing a realistic frame for the world of nonprofit leaders. It is long overdue in the sector as a real tool for leaders. Maybe even more important, it helps nonprofit boards of directors and philanthropic organizations to understand the connection between their investment in leadership and achieving organizational goals." -Diane Bell McKoy, CEO, Associated Black Charities "Rich with instructive examples and advice, this book is grounded in the reality of nonprofits. It will be an extraordinarily useful guide to nonprofit organizations of all types and sizes." -Ruth McCambridge, editor in chief, Nonprofit Quarterly "Make no mistake: attracting and retaining top talent should be priority number one for the nonprofit sector. Adams's book offers practical advice for how to embed this priority into the sector's DNA. All who care about nonprofit effectiveness would be well-served to give this book a close read."-Kathleen P. Enright, president and CEO, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

  • Un très bel ouvrage illustré sur 50 enfants qui ont transformé le monde.

    Activistes, inventeurs, artistes, athlètes... ces figures inspirantes n'ont reculé devant aucune difficulté pour rendre notre monde meilleur.
    - 50 portraits illustrés et richement documentés (photos, citations, anecdotes...).
    - Des domaines variées (la musique, le cinéma, la peinture, l'écologie, le sport, les droits des enfants, des femmes...) et des époques différentes (Pocahontas au 17e siècle, Mozart au 18e siècle, Anne Franck dans les années 40, Nadia Comaneci dans les années 70, Emma Watson et Greta Thunberg aujourd'hui...).
    - Une invitation à explorer nos propres potentiels.

  • Un documentaire interactifs avec près de 50 flaps et des énigmes à résoudre à chaque double-page pour connaître les plus grandes découvertes de l'histoire (l'écriture, l'imprimerie, la photographie, la caméra, etc.).

  • Un bel album documentaire à flaps, qui invite à partir sur les traces des inventions des transports les plus révolutionnaires de l'Histoire.

  • Bienvenue au musée de l'espace !
    Pousse la porte de ce musée incroyable et découvre tout ou presque sur l'Univers, notre Système solaire, les autres galaxies, les explorations humaines passées et celles à venir...
    Cet ouvrage animé de pop-up, de volets et de tirettes te permettra d'explorer l'espace de façon ludique et de comprendre les nouveaux défis qui nous attendent.

  • With great recipes for meats, sauces and rubs mixed with ideas for pickles, slaws, puddings and cocktails, plus features on meats, equipment and methods, the Pitt Cue Co. Cookbook is your guide to enjoying the best hot, smoky, sticky, spicy grub all year round.

    From Pitt Cue's legendary Pickle backs and bourbon cocktails, to their acclaimed Pulled pork shoulder; Burnt ends mash; Smoked ox cheek toasts with pickled walnuts; Lamb rib with molasses mop and onion salad; Chipotle & confit garlic slaw; Crispy pickled shiitake mushrooms; Toffee apple grunt; Sticky bourbon & cola pudding and so much more, it's all irresistibly delicious food to savour and share.

  • This book brings together a selection of the best papers from the thirteenth edition of the Forum on specification and Design Languages Conference (FDL), which was held in Southampton, UK in September 2010.  FDL is a well established international forum devoted to dissemination of research results, practical experiences and new ideas in the application of specification, design and verification languages to the design, modelling and verification of integrated circuits, complex hardware/software embedded systems, and mixed-technology systems.

  • Two complete eBooks for one low price! Created and compiled by the publisher, this Philosophy & Ethics bundle brings together two important titles in one, e-only bundle. With this special bundle, you'll get the complete text of the following two titles: Philosophy For Dummies Philosophy For Dummies is for anyone who has ever entertained a question about life and this world. In a conversational tone, the book's author - a modern-day scholar and lecturer - brings the greatest wisdom of the past into the challenges that we face now. This refreshingly different guide explains philosophical fundamentals and explores some of the strangest and deepest questions ever posed to human beings, such as: How do we know anything? What does the word good mean? Are we ever really free? Do human beings have souls? Is there life after death? Is there a God? Is happiness really possible in our world? Ethics For Dummies An easy-to-grasp guide to addressing the principles of ethics and applying them to daily life   How do you define "good" versus "evil?" Do you know the difference between moral "truth" and moral relativity? Whether or not you know Aristotle from Hume, Ethics For Dummies will get you comfortable with the centuries-old study of ethical philosophy quickly and effectively!   Ethics For Dummies is a practical, friendly guide that takes the headache out of the often-confusing subject of ethics. In plain English, it examines the controversial facets of ethical thought, explores the problem of evil, demystifies the writings and theories of such great thinkers through the ages as Aristotle, Confucius, Descartes, Kant, Nietzsche, and so much more.  You'll learn how to apply the concepts and theories of ethical philosophy to your everyday life.  Whether you're currently enrolled in an ethics course or are interested in living a good life but are vexed with ethical complexities, Ethics For Dummies has you covered!  About the Author of Philosophy For Dummies Tom Morris, Ph.D., author of True Success and other books, taught philosophy at Notre Dame University for 15 years and currently heads the Morris Institute for Human Values.  About the Authors of Ethics For Dummies Christopher Panza, PhD, is an associate professor of philosophy at Drury University and  coauthor of Existentialism For Dummies. Adam Potthast, PhD, is an assistant professor of philosophy at Missouri University of Science and Technology.